people are still complaining about teen titans go! but like bro calm down its just different like i mean in teen titans they couldnt be naked and in ttg

So I rewatched Things Change, the last episode of Teen Titans, recently. Yesterday, actually. And honestly, I probably should’ve stopped my marathon of the entire series with Titans Together, but since I didn’t you’re stuck with this… whatever this is.

The first thing I said to my little brother as it started was: I hate this episode. But that’s not really true. I hate how the episode makes me feel.

As soon as it starts and they’re confronted with how much Jump City has changed since they’ve been gone, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. When this episode first aired in 2006, my biggest fear was change. I’m still opposed to it, in most cases. Seeing the looks on their faces, remembering how I used to feel about things, how I still feel, and things that changed on me; it hurts.

And then they throw in Terra.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they’re fighting a metaphor, because really, how do you defeat a metaphor? (For those of you who don’t know/remember, the monster they fight in this episode constantly changes it’s physiology to different materials it touches, making it impossible to beat. Also, you never know if they beat it or not because the episode ends.) The point is that the Titans all need to face change together, but Beast Boy is off clinging to the past.

Anyway, Terra is back and doesn’t seem to have any of her memories. As frustrated as this episode makes me, and as much as I’m not the biggest fan of Terra, I feel for her in this episode. Because in my opinion, she does remember. But she doesn’t want to. And that was all going fine and dandy until Beast Boy showed up.

And I understand where Beast Boy is coming from. It’s the same thing I would’ve done in his situation. And that’s probably why I get so angry with him in this episode.

All Terra ever wanted was to be normal. To not have people ridicule her for her abilities, to not bring destruction and natural disasters with her everywhere she went because she couldn’t control her powers. And now, she’s finally free to live a normal life. It’s all she’s ever wanted and because Beast Boy wants everything to stay the same, to never change, he’s trying to rip that away from her.

And at the point I can’t take it anymore, I yell at the TV “Maybe she doesn’t want to remember!” which is the exact moment Slade tells him the same thing. And I always forget he’s about to show up (well, robo-Slade) and say it, because I’m so wrapped up in the discomfort and sadness and anger I’m feeling at the episode.

And I’m glad someone finally confronted Beast Boy with the fact that things change. But I’m also heartbroken for Beast Boy, because he just needs something that’s the same, some idea that he can cling to. And he doesn’t have that.

Meanwhile, his friends need him. But he’s so stuck, he can’t go and face change (remember, the monster is a metaphor) and without the whole team they can’t defeat it. Not that them defeating the monster would mean that things would change back. It would mean that they were able to accept the changes in their life but emerge from it stronger and wiser, because they still have each other.

In the end, he finally let’s go of Terra and goes to join his friends. And I’m left feeling drained, both sad that there isn’t another episode and hopeful that maybe things worked out for them all in the end.

Beast Boy: You know, Cyborg's always had chips for brains, but he's turning into the one thing I never thought he could be.
Raven: What's that?
Beast Boy: A robot.